From Michael: First off, this game is made with Unity. Awesome platform and is easy to use. Mr Dowdell helped me a lot with this, and his demos gave me some nice code that i was able to implement into my game. This is the result of 3 weeks with Unity, and I learned a lot :)

Gameplay: use W,A,S,D to move and click and hold to shoot. The green bar is a health bar. There are 2 easter eggs in my game that make the game easier (see if u can find it). Each of your black shots do 400 damage and fire at a decent rate. Kill the bosses that block the corridor or u can try to rush past them (good luck with that). In the 2nd level, do not try killing the marble colossus in the middle (as its invincible) and destroy the black block that says destroy me in the second level. In the third level, kill the void entity to complete the game. I can almost guarantee you will not beat this game on your first attempt. Once u die, reload the page to replay. Thanks for trying my game! (it is possible to beat by the way. You just don't know the tactics :\)